Automated billing

The speedier your invoicing is, the quicker your business improves. It's in every company's interest to bill a transaction as soon as possible, that's why you can automate the billing in


What is automated billing?

Automatizált számlázás

With the automated billing feature, you don't have to enter invoice data manually but rather import them from your existing system or webshop directly to by using our platform independent interface (API).

What can you expect from



Automatizált számlakiállítás

Automated billing

Tömeges számlakiállítás

Mass data billing

E-számla és papír alapú számlakiállítás interfészen

E-invoicing or ordinary PDF billing via interface

Tartósan alacsony interfész számla darabárak

Constantly low price per invoice via interface

Kiemelt API ügyfélszolgálat

Dedicated API helpline and support